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These drawings were made by Rachael Romero, who, as a fourteen-year-old runaway, was locked in a Good Shepherd Convent Laundry. Here girls were forced to work in prison conditions without pay. Authorities failed to regulate or inspect the dangerous working conditions in these industrial laundries where young women suffered forced labor under the rule of silence, physical and emotional abuse that left a legacy for survivors to overcome. (images are available as 22x17 prints on archival paper. Originals are on museum board and/or 28x22 mixed mediaon rag paper. )


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 by Rachael Romero. All rights reserved.

Do not wait for the Last Judgment. It takes place every day.   --Camus





"Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children. And if you don’t help us, who else in the world can help us do this?"


                    --CAMUS, (1948); reported in Resistance, Rebellion and Death (translation by Justin O'Brien, 1961), p.73







This exhibition depicts the experience of the Australian-born, New York artist

Rachael Romero, who at 14, in 1967, was incarcerated, without charge and without legal

trial, in the Convent of the Good Shepherd.  ‘The Pines’, on Marion Road, North Plympton,

SA, was one of nine commercial ‘Magdalene’ laundries across Australia in the 20th century..

Crown ML lg Enslaved by Rachael Romero

The Crown of Barbs, Magdalene Laundry, by Rachael Romero 2014

Magdalane Laundry images of Enslavement were shown at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery at the Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre,South Australia University, Adelaide, South Australia,

September 5-October 3,  2014

see interview by Michael Sexton on abc 7:30 report:


Convent of Good Shepherd Cross Disinfectant bath 3 by Rachael Romero_2 Frederica's escape 2Magdalene Laundry by Rachael R ironingand washing by Rachael Romero Mangle Convent of the Good Shepherd by Rachael Rom The Laundry Loading dock c Rachael Romero 2011 The way the Catholic Church viewed us by Rachael R The first fall, Convent of the Good Shepherd by Ra

Anticeptic bath--eradicating pubic hair in the beginning. by Rachael Romero 2012

Washed Up and Crucified, by Rachael Romero 2011

The Mangle

Packing Room 2 by Rachael Romero 2012

The fall, by Rachael Romero 2012..

Frederica's escape Attempt 2, by Rachael Romero 2012

ENSLAVED Mid P1150031 Pines girls 72x24 ENSLAVED EXHIBIT Screenshot 2014-09-11 21.24.31 IMG_1125_2 ENSLAVED entrance with CR Ex-P.M. of Ireland at ENSLAVED exhibit copy IMG_1147 Screenshot 2015-11-02 20.29.27_3